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About Me

Hi I’m Jocelyn

A former M&A lawyer at a top 10 US law firm. I then became a consultant at one of the leading Innovation consulting companies in the world founded by Clayton Christensen, the Guru of Disruptive Innovation. Eventually, I ditched corporate America to become a comedian, eventually becoming a regular at the Comedy Cellar, the #1 Comedy Club in the world. 

I haven’t just shapeshifted in my career though, in 2020 I had the biggest challenge with my mental health and I made it my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to get into a strong, healthy mental and emotional state.  3 years later, I found myself not only able to survive a ridiculously over the top cancellation attempt, I THRIVED through it. If you aren’t familiar with what I call Jokegate, basically I made a joke that went SUPER viral, and an entire country (Malaysia) tried to cancel me as a result. It even made the front page of CNN and the BBC –  and I was invited to write an op-ed about it for Newsweek. 

This happened FOR me not TO me

Throughout what many comedians called an extraordinary cancellation attempt, my mental health remained completely intact.  I continued to live my best life, go on vacations, made jokes about what was happening, and even turned such a seemingly horrific incident into something that was happening “for me” not “to me.”  One commenter wrote that “I have never seen a comedian jiu-jitsu a cancellation attempt as hard as Jocelyn Chia has.”  I leveraged the cancellation attempt to make my late night TV debut, get on numerous other TV and radio shows, podcasts, wrote the above-mentioned op-ed, and all round just used it to glow-up!

I then remembered what Tony Robbins said, that humans overestimate what we can accomplish in a year, but underestimate what we can accomplish in 3.  And I realized wow!  My mental and emotional health really underwent such a massive transformation in 3 years!  As did my dating life and my comedy career.   That is when I got inspired to go on my next 3 year transformation!  I had already been in an all-women group for the past 3 years that focused on mindset work and emotional well-being (Gala Darling’s The Vortex), but it had sadly wound down and I was looking for another group to join.  

My Wish List

A high vibe community of women looking to accomplish things in their life and are supportive of one another

A year long program with LIVE touch points not just some pre-recorded video course I was never going to finish (studies show only 10% of people ever complete self-paced DIY courses)

The best of both worlds. It seemed like the programs out there were either super masculine and structured or very feminine and woo woo, i.e. meditate to crystals under the moon. I wanted a combination of masculine accomplishment and action, feminine pleasure & play, with a sprinkle of mindset and manifestation magic 🙂

Has an accountability component but have it be fun and juicy, where PLEASURABLE PRODUCTIVITY is the name of the game!

However even though I searched high and low and asked all around, I couldn’t find anything like what I was looking for, so I decided to create my own – and that is how Level Up, Pussy Up was born!

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