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Weekly Dream building sessions

We meet 3 times each week to co-work together and take action towards our dreams. These sessions are fun and filled with dance breaks and music, and we regularly kick things off with a brief meditation or visualization to focus our energies. Our regular meeting times are in EST: Tuesday 10-11.30am, Friday 2-3.30pm, and Sunday 2-3.30pm and 6-7.30pm

Monthly Reset & Refocus sessions

At the start of each month (Usually Sunday afternoon EST) we will meet to celebrate our wins from the previous month, release anything from the past month we do not wish to carry forward, and get reconnected on our goals and create our action plan for the following month


Once a month KUNDALINI

Monthly Kundalini yoga session online to tap into our chakras and lifeforce energy, rewiring our brain and central nervous system for healing, and manifesting the life of our dreams

Monthly Reiki Infused Breathwork sessioNS

A couple of Sundays a month after our Dream Building sessions, we wrap ourselves up in an energetic cocoon with a super delicious meditation (sometimes with breakthwork) while a Reiki practitioner channels reiki to all of us. A super yummy way to end your week

Women holding one another Capable

In our private Facebook group, we share what we want to be held capable to (as opposed to accountable) and receive support and celebration! Women have made incredible changes to their lives thanks to this – one woman even kicked a 10 year addiction! You also have the option to find a Pussy Up Partner (a Pup!) to be your capability buddy.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF A transformation journey

This is not a “guru” style coaching program but a do WITH you journey we are on. Like a road trip you take with a bunch of fun, go-getter women and our destination is the life of our dreams!

You will be getting a behind the scenes look at what a real world transformation journey looks like from someone who has done it before multiple times and is now doing it again. No sugar coated “before and now look at the after!” The women in my program can tell you how real and transparent I am with them. Other women will be sharing their journeys too so we can all learn from and be inspired by one another! 

Perhaps some of the reasons why I personally need this program will resonate with you:

I was tired of buying self help book after self help book, program after program and either never implementing the learnings or not completing them, especially for DIY courses

I would invest a ton of time and money into intensive retreats, events or workshops but as amazing as they are I would ALWAYS lose my momentum soon after the event was over

The 2 programs that I truly implemented what I learned were an annual one, and one where the community continued after the program ended. Both were all women! Realizing that longevity & community were key - I launched this year-long goal achievement program with a community component

I get excited about my goals but the execution can be SO BLOODY BORING!! I longed for a way to make tasks even just a little bit more fun. Enter virtual co-working sessions where we benefit from body doubling, play music and brag about our accomplishments, giving us a hit of that sweet dopamine!

I can’t imagine anybody else more qualified to lead this transformation capsule—a supportive, energetic, and uplifting group made up of enthusiastic women who all share a love of goal-setting, decluttering, and upleveling our lives. Jocelyn brings her many years of experience in the fields of law, innovation, and entertainment to this brilliant container that places a deep emphasis on mental health and personal development. I loved being part of the Facebook group where one could “brag” and “swamp” on ANY subject without any harsh judgment or criticism. People were kind, helpful, and encouraging no matter what. But it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns—we tackled our to-do lists and goals with the precision of a surgeon…but with dance breaks in between! I’m looking forward to future iterations of this transformation container and cannot wait to see what Jocelyn has planned next.

Mariel Jimenez
Global Copy Director at Moroccanoil

What a ‘Pussified’ three month journey through Pussy Up! Chock full of Fun, Pleasure, Dancing, Ritual, Energy work, Balancing, Pussy Up has it ALL! Oh, and did I mention decluttering and organizing along the way?! ALLLLL of this built in with Sisterhood makes for divine and elevated work sessions over Zoom….It’s so easy to accomplish tasks when in the presence of high vibration women bragging and celebrating! Thank you for this space Jocelyn!

Robin Doubrava

I highly recommend the pussy up program with Jocelyn Chia! It is so motivating to collaborate with other like-minded bad ass bitches celebrating accomplishments all while being realistic that not everything goes as planned! No toxic positivity for us!! Getting organized, setting goals, planning and making shit happen is the name of the game. And we’re winning!!

Robyn Gilleran

Jocelyn created an incredibly supportive group with accountability. I was able to make huge progress on a tough goal that I’ve been working on for over a decade!

Rose Keating
Director of Career Development, MIT Sloan

I absolutely love this program - I get so much shit done! And I was really looking for the connection as well in the container Jocelyn has created. I can’t wait to see how she expands it.

Lisa Brubaker

I was drawn to Jocelyn’s story and her style, which is real, fun, non-judgmental, and intelligent. I have two super serious jobs, a toddler, and a new-born. I couldn’t participate to the 10000% because of my overcommitments, but I was dedicated. When I did participate, it was with my full pussy, and it still worked. Don’t be turned off by the word “Pussy”- I wasn’t the “type” to use it either, but now I can’t find a better word to describe my feminine power, my strength, my magic, my juice, my determination, my magic. Jocelyn is organized, thoughtful, and her program helps you stay focused, define your path, and start to make real progress on what you need to do. After our initial three-month program, I realized that this is just the beginning and I am hungering for more. In a few words, I would say that this program is about focusing yourself, with support, on what you need to do but haven’t been able to do before. Jocelyn has developed unique tools, and has stepped into the role of a leader to help each of us reach towards our potential as she also reaches her own! I think it’s only going to be better the second time around.

Mazzle M.
Judge and Professor of law

I loved the documents you created for us to use during and outside of Pussy Up sessions. They helped me to prioritize and center more in gratitude. I loved the accountability aspect and bragging that I had in fact, kept my word to the group that I would accomplish something. I appreciate It’s December 31st and I have created harmony in my relationship through decluttering, new good habits and better time management. I love that you helped me create that specifically with wording like it had already happened. That is very powerful and empowering. I completed most of my important goals. I find myself focusing more and more on how I can be a better dealer which is surprising but also validating and exciting. I think I have decluttered physically, mentally, technologically and even emotionally. The best part is that I love how it feels and it will continue into the new year even without our December Declutter challenge.

Live blackjack dealer and artist

Jocelyn has created and holds an amazing community for women to feel safe in revealing both their daily struggles and their long-term goals, and supporting each other in that uplifting, and yes, sexy space! I have been a member of other groups, but this is the only group-support online where I have actually turned on my camera and participated beyond the chat box! Jocelyn shares her own ups and downs and her own messy couch, in a way that gives permission for women to show their own true selves. Her recipe of upbeat music, meditation and tapping, as well as the online community cheering each other on, has been a wonderful combination to actually accomplish our goals! It’s clear in our online community that Jocelyn reads every post, and she connects Goddesses together to support one another, which is an amazing hands-on touch!

Professor of Education

Even showing up intermittently, the momentum helped me tango with procrastination in a new way and get things done. Infused with fun, daily inspiration, and a variety of practices, Jocelyn’s work is a great kick start to getting yourself in gear to declutter, stack habits, and move forward.

Kira C

I’ve loved being part of this group! In particular, I have found the GSD sessions super helpful. I’ve gotten into SUCH good habits by attending the weekly GSD sessions - they set my whole week up for success! I love how Jocelyn leads these sessions w eft tapping, dance breaks, meditations - and of course humor!

Sarah Granby
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